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Deepak Jha's Videos
Early Life
Born on 5th April 1979 in Bihar to loving parents Smt Poonam Jha and Shri Amresh Kumar Jha, Deepak Jha had a thing in his early days for public speaking. It is said that signs of talent are visible early on in life. The same happened with him, when from 1992-93 he started giving speeches in his school. Be it an independence day or republic day speech, or any other occassion, he was the first to raise his hand for hosting and speech parts of the show. He also showed healthy signs of growth in debate, and it helped him attain a sense of popularity owing to his oratory skills.
Joined An MLM Company
He entered teaching profession for a brief while after that, but eventually gave up for his pursuit of love for his beloved orations. He joined an MLM company, and created a name for himself by positive growth in the same. He got the diamond badge - a rarity after years - within 28 months of his joining. His growth story at the MLM is the stuff of legends.
It is said that to become great from good, you need some difficulties, which can help determine the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary. True that he was heartbroken, and from an optimist, he went searching for lower stratas of life, when an illness to his father hampered his growth, as well as his family's ability to eat two square meals a day. Times made him look at life with displeasure and trauma.
Any good speaker has a tendency to be better read, more educated, and much more knowledgable than his audience. It is true even in case of Deepak, who has read thousands of motivational books, self-help books, biographies, spiritual awakening books among others. He has also followed plenty of audio speeches, including the famous ones from history, and the contemporary gold from his generation.
Power Of Speech
Yet, if it was destiny holding him back, the same destiny gave him one chance to bounce back in the form of a special State Level Program by SBI in his district. The event provided him a further impetus, and he imagined if his thought process could be turned in one and a half hours, what he could achieve if he spent his lifetime using the power of his speech.
He has traveled through the length and breadth of the country to deliver speeches. He was also invited to Malaysia and Thailand, among others, to deliver a speech that has become a benchmark of himself and his work. As he continues to prosper in the field he loves, he finds immense pleasure in connecting to people and making them realize their dreams and aspirations.  .
Deepak Jha - Motivator